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Access the power of realtime ISM metering

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ISM Demo*

  • Access to 2 ISM demo stations
  • Explore gathered ISM data
  • Discover ISM dashboard features
  • No dedicated support
Access demo
1300 / mo

(Excl. VAT)

ISM IR Data*

  • ISM with All Sky LWIR Raw data monthly subscription
  • Data with 1min time resolution, all sky images with 15min time resolution
  • Data and images updated every 15min
  • Historical data becomes accessible over time or against a flat fee proportional to availability
  • Dedicated email and phone support
Do you have questions or need help ? Feel free to contact us at :
* Data is licensed and Miratlas retains the intellectual property rights to the data gathered. The licensee has certain data rights with the following restrictions: data can be shared with subcontractors but is not for resale. Miratlas may license the same data to additional parties without licensee's consent or knowledge.

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